Child Support Lawyer in Orlando Florida

In calculating child support, the first step is to determine the income of the mother and father to the divorce, which is determined by figuring out each party’s respective monthly gross income and subtracting out certain allowable deductions.  The needs of the children are derived by taking into account the combined net amount and the amount of children, and determining the correct amount from a child support table.  The children’s dental and health insurance costs plus 75% of the daycare costs are then added to the child support amount in order to determine the total needs of the children.

Each party’s obligation is then determined by taking the total need amount and multiplying it to each party’s percentage of the net amount.  For instance, if the mother’s net income is $2,000 per month and the father’s net income is $4,000 a month, then the mother would be required to pay 33.33 percent of child support and the father would be responsible for 66.67 percent.  Keep in mind however, that the costs either party pays for daycare and health/dental insurance is deducted from his or her share. 

The total amount of child support that the court orders may be influenced by the time-sharing agreement of the parties as well as other factors that suggest a divergence from the total child support amount awarded.

If you are involved in a dispute over child support and other aspects of your divorce case, contact a skilled Florida Family Law Attorney to learn more about your legal rights and options.  Only a seasoned child support attorney can advise you of your rights and keep you well-informed during each stage of your divorce case, including the child support phase.  

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