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How is the Custody of a Pet Determined in a Florida Divorce Case?

Many people value their pet as they do their own children.  Hence, during a divorce, the custody of a pet can become a source of debate between the parties.  However, some question as to whether a court can provide or even enforce an order addressing the custody of a pet in a divorce case.  In Florida, there is […]

Am I Entitled to Alimony in My Florida Divorce Case?

Being financially secure is one of the main concerns when pursuing a divorce in Florida.  If you and your spouse shared certain assets and liabilities for a certain period of time, it may be overwhelming to consider what your financial status will look like after a divorce.  This financial uncertainty commonly results in spouses considering whether they […]

What is Included In a Florida Parenting Plan?

Under Florida law, a parenting plan is necessary in all cases involving the timesharing of a minor child.  Hence, even if you and your spouse agree on all custodial issues, this agreement must be provided for in a formal parenting plan and given to the court for final approval.  However, some people underestimate what details are needed […]

The Types of Alimony in Florida Divorce Cases

Without a prenuptial agreement providing for the terms of spousal support upon divorce, individuals need to contemplate the potential for paying alimony to their spouses. Under Florida Statutes Section 61.08, there are four types of alimony in Florida, which include: Bridge-the-gap alimony – this is awarded to provide one spouse with support to enable him […]

What a Florida Court Considers as Income in a Divorce Case

A common concern for divorcing spouses is the ability for each to afford a divorce and to be financially independent from their spouse.  There are many details of a divorce case that consider the income of each spouse, such as spousal support, equitable division, and child support.  Hence, it is highly recommended that you and your spouse […]

Deciding What to do with a Marital Home in a Florida Divorce Case

When undergoing a divorce, there is likely a concern as to how to handle the marital home, should this apply in your case.  Many people feel that when they are divorcing, that there are only two options available when dealing with the marital home – one spouse retains the home or the house must be sold.  However, […]

Is there a Relationship Between Divorces and Prenuptial Agreements?

Many people scoff at the thought of a prenuptial agreement, which is associated with many less than positive thoughts and feelings. Specifically, they believe that a prenuptial agreement means that they will likely get divorced.  However, research provides that the manner in which each spouse views a prenuptial agreement is actually a more consistent factor in […]

The Necessity of Depositions in Florida Divorce Cases

If you are facing a divorce matter, you may be faced with a discovery tactic known as a deposition.  These are conducted by your attorney as well as your spouse’s attorney, where testimony is provided by experts, witnesses, or the parties, under oath. This tool is documented by a court reporter, and may be used later […]