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Under Florida law, a parenting plan is necessary in all cases involving the timesharing of a minor child.  Hence, even if you and your spouse agree on all custodial issues, this agreement must be provided for in a formal parenting plan and given to the court for final approval.  However, some people underestimate what details are needed in this plan as well as all items that must be addressed therein. 

Florida Statutes Section 61.13, states that a parenting plan must include, without limitation, the time-sharing schedule that provides for the time that the child will spend with each parent, who will be responsible for health care, school related matters, and other activities, and how each parent will communicate with the child.  Overall, the document not only provides for the decisions and care of the child but also the interactions between the parents and each parent with the child.  Therefore, it plays a significant role in a child’s life and should be as detailed as possible.

Accordingly, the parents may choose to include additional details in the parenting plan which address their unique circumstances.  Hence, if certain details are important to you and your child such as health care, religion, education, etc., it is critical that they are included in the parenting plan.  It is also important to include details of visitation as to certain dates and events that may be important to the child, including holidays, birthdays, and other important dates.  

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