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When parents are involved in a divorce or paternity dispute, their parental relationship and the well-being of their child typically constitute a primary area of focus.  As the founding and managing partner of the Law Offices of Beryl Thompson-McClary P.A., my choice to focus on this legal specialty stems from a commitment to giving a voice to those who otherwise might be ignored.  Because of my dedication to developing a knowledge of child development, my approach to child custody and visitation issues involves crafting innovative solutions that promote communication and an amicable co-parenting relationship between parents.

Why Orlando Child Custody Attorney Beryl Thompson McClary Can Make a Difference

My role is to promote a constructive parenting plan while striving to mitigate efforts to alienate a child from his or her parent.  My co-parenting approach has led many dads to seek me out to protect their father’s rights. Regardless of which parent my law firm represents, my goal is to be part of the solution by diffusing conflict and resolving issues rather than part of the problem by encouraging animosity and promoting a high-conflict custody dispute.

Based on my 27 years of legal experience, which includesmy participation in hundreds of trials and administrative proceedings and thousands of settlements, I have the expertise and experience to navigate through intense animosity and find mutually agreeable solutions.  We have built a reputation for promoting the rights and responsibilities of parents while mitigating the stress and negative impact on our clients’ children.  Despite this problem-solvingapproach designed to ease the adverse impact of a potentially contentious custody dispute, my experience in litigation means I am prepared to proceed to trial to obtain the best outcome for my clients.

My extensive experience handling thousands of divorce and child custody cases has furnished us with the ability to successfully handle the most difficult child custody disputes, which include but are not limited to the following:

  • Parental Relocations
  • Pattern of Alienation against the Other Parent
  • Parental Fitness Issues Involving a Parent (e.g. drug use, alcohol abuse, child abuse, child neglect)
  • Domestic Violence against the Other Parent
  • High Conflict Parental Relationship

Advantages to Avoiding the Courtroom in High Net Worth Custody Disputes

Because of my many years of experience handling thousands of child custody cases, our law firm is sought out by a number of affluent and celebrity clients.  Wealthy parents and their children have more to gain by keeping their custody and visitation issues discreet and civil.  When our attorneys represent clients in high asset divorce cases, we work with our clients to construct a plan rather than filing the action and figuring out matters on the fly.  This strategy usually focuses on certain objectives:

  • Mitigating the harm to your family’s underlying financial structure through protracted litigation
  • Keeping your child custody and parenting issues out of the public eye
  • Protecting the best interest of your children if your spouse elects to engage in alienating behavior

Understanding Basic Concepts of Florida Law Regarding Parenting Rights and Responsibilities

While the traditional terms “child custody,” “visitation,” “primary residential parent,” and “noncustodialparent” often are used interchangeably, Florida law dealing with parental rightsand responsibilities changed dramatically in 2008.  Judges now use the terms “shared parental responsibility” or “sole parental responsibility,” “majority time-sharing” or “equal time-sharing,” and “parenting plans.”

Absent a basis for deviating from the default position, Florida judges will award shared parental responsibility.  Under this arrangement, both parties cooperate and participate in making parenting decisions.  A parent with sole parental responsibility exercises his or her discretion in making everyday decisions regarding his or her child, as well as major decisions about education, religion, and medical care.

Parenting plans, which define the time-sharing relationship between a minor child and both parents, can be crafted by mutual agreement or a judge.  While an amicably negotiated parenting plan generally will be more acceptable to both parents than one imposed by a judge, there are many situations where parents legitimatelycannot reach an agreement.  If the court must make the decision, the judge will rely on the “best interest of the child” standard based on the following factors:

  • Physical & mental health of the parents
  • Gender and age of the minor child
  • Benefit of maintaining a stable home environment
  • Cultural and religious considerations
  • Wishes of the child (based on age/maturity)
  • Parents’ respective ability to deal with special needs of the child (if applicable)
  • Emotional abuse or excessive discipline by a parent
  • Child’s relationship with siblings or others in the household
  • Capacity of child to adapt to changes in his or her community and/or school
  • Substance abuse by a parent
  • Sexual or physical abuse by a parent

Practical Considerations in Child Custody Casesin Florida

In the absence of an agreement between the parents, the court will consider these factors when determining the best interest of the child.  We work diligently to help parents put aside intense negative emotions that can derail potentially effective parenting plans.  This process involves focusing on the needs and well-being of the child rather than one’s feelings toward the other parent.  Parents who exhibita willingness to encourage frequent andcontinuingcontact with the other parent have a distinct advantage in contested custody disputes.

Many parents looking for a men’s rights attorney seek out my law firm because of our success in crafting parenting plans that grants equal time-sharing to both parents.  Fathers seeking equal parenting time must be realistic about their parental role during the marriage and their availability.  Sometimes clients express a plan to have a new significant other or grandparent watch their child when the parent is at the office or traveling for work.  Because of our experience in many custody disputes and knowledge of Florida law, we guide our clients away from this type of faulty plan.  The court will take a dim view of a request to deny parenting time to the other parent, so the child can put with a babysitter, even a grandparent. Proposals of splitting parenting time should be realisticbased on your business, employment, and travel commitments.

Special Rules for High Net Income Parents

Divorce and paternity actions involving high net worth parents require special expertise for reasons other than the amount of potential income at stake.  These types of cases often involve disputed forms of income, multiple income streams, and other compensation that can complicate the process of determining a high earning parent’s income.  If the parents’ combined income exceeds $10,000 per month, the presumptive amount of support is the minimum amount of support under the Guidelines plus a percentage of the combined net income over $10,000.  The support related to the amount of income exceeding $10,000 is based on a percentage determined by the number of children and the net monthly income above $10,000.  If you have more specific questions about child support in cases involving combined income exceeding $10,000 a month, you should seek legal advice from an experienced high-incomechild support attorney by contacting our law firm.

Contact the Law Offices of Beryl Thompson-McClary, P.A. Today

While child custody cases pose difficult challenges for all parents, professional athletes, actors/actresses, professionals, CEOs, and other high-profile individuals are particularly likely to confront this issue.  These types of careers often involve significant amounts of money.  Attorney Beryl Thompson-McClary has experience representing wealthy business people and celebrities facing these issues, she has the creativity and knowledge needed to strive for a resolution in parental move-away cases favorable to her clients.

Whether you are a father or a mother seeking full custody or a custody modification, our law firm can investigate the facts and help fight for your interests. We also provide tenacious advocacy of our clients’ rights in enforcement and modification proceedings.  We have law offices in Orlando and practice in Orange, Seminole, Osceola, Lake, Brevard, and Volusia counties.  To schedule a free initial consultation with an attorney, you can call our office at 1-888-640-2999.

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Orlando child custody lawyerBeryl Thompson-McClary uses creativity, persuasiveness, and experience to assist clients in negotiating parenting plans that clearly define their time-sharing and parental responsibilities.  When our clients are worried that the other parent’s past bad decisions or unsafe conduct puttheir children at risk, we do not hesitate to take a caseto trial.  We have law offices in Orlando and practice in Orange, Seminole, Osceola, Lake, Brevard,and Volusia counties.  To schedule a free initial consultation with an attorney, you can call our office at 1-888-640-2999.

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