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If you share a child with your former spouse, your parenting plan provides the guidance by which to direct the interactions between you and your coparent as well as between you and your child.  Hence, when this plan is violated, it can majority disrupt your life as well as the life of your child.  A violation of a parenting plan may come in various forms however, the most common is when one parents fails to adhere to the timesharing portion of the plan.  For examples, a parent may intentionally be late for a planned exchange, refuse to allow the child to communicate with the other parents, and continuously change the schedule.  Each of these can be in violation of a parenting plan, and additionally, may be harmful to the wellbeing of your child.  

The State of Florida has a clear stance on shared parenting, which believes that there needs to be active involvement of each parent in their child’s life.  This is why is one parent violates a parenting plan, it is considered very serious.  In this view, the compliant parent may work with an attorney to file a Motion for Contempt and Enforcement, which provides the court with the parenting plan, the facts surrounding the violations, and the remedies that are being pursued.  Keep in mind that the court does not allow a person to engage in self-help in terms of seeing compliance with the parenting plan (for instance, a party cannot withhold the child or child support payments in order to force the non-compliant spouse to follow the parenting plan).

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