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The State of Florida determined that the best way to ascertain how much child support an individual should pay is to have a table within the child support statute that provides the guidelines for calculating the proper amount. Before these guidelines, there was no consistency, rhyme, or reason for the amount of child support that parents were required to pay.  

The child support guidelines are premised upon a specific mathematical formula that takes into consideration each parent’s respective income and the amount of children involved.  The guidelines include a worksheet that guides you through the parent’s health insurance costs and other things that are deducted from a parent’s income.  It also walks you through deducting income tax and takes into consideration the amount of alimony paid from one parent to another.  Furthermore, it takes into account the cost of day care, the child’s health insurance, and other miscellaneous factors to arrive at a proper child support amount that ensures that the child or children’s needs are sufficiently met.  

While the child support guidelines are surely a cost saving device by divorcing parents and attorneys alike, there are still areas that are contested.  For instance, if one parent isn’t working up to his or her potential, the court can impute income to that individual and determine a proper child support amount as if he or she is fully employed.

While the child support guidelines are meant to simplify the process of calculating child support in a Florida divorce, it is still important to work with Florida Family Law Attorney who will have a specific software program that ensures accuracy and streamlines the process.  Since child support is paid until the child or children of the divorcing couple reach the age of majority, it is critical to make sure that the amount of child support is accurate.  

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