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Attorney for Modification of Child Custody or Visitation in Florida

If children who are minors are a part of a divorce matter, the case is not actually over until they become adults.  During a divorce matter, the visitation and custody issues may be set forth by the presiding judge in litigation or pursuant to an agreement among the parties.  The factors that go into that decision depend upon the specific set of circumstances in one’s case.  However, a child custody arrangement and visitation may be amended if there is a “substantial change of circumstances” that takes place warranting a modification of the judge’s original order. 

There are countless examples of the kind of changes necessary to establish a substantial change of circumstances necessary to amend a child support/visitation order.  For example, there are times when a parent will be remarried or reside with another individual and the children do not have a good relationship with him or her.   Evidence that may warrant a modification of custody/visitation is if the children of the marriage are having trouble with behavior at school, getting poor grades, have issues involving law enforcement, and consuming drugs or alcohol (by the children or parent). Actions seeking a modification of child custody/visitation can be complex and emotionally exhausting.  Many times, during a modification action, one parent accuses the other parent for why the children are having problems.  Sometimes therapists and other mental health professionals are necessary to conduct evaluations and provide counseling to address the issues.

If you or someone you love is involved in a modification of visitation or child support action (whether you are subject to an unwarranted modification or are seeking to obtain a modification), it is critical that you contact a skilled Florida Family Law Attorney today to learn more about your legal rights and interests.  Only a seasoned Florida Divorce Attorney can advise you of your legal rights and keep you well-informed during each phase of your modification action.  Don’t wait, as your legal rights and interests are at stake!

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