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Mediation vs. Collaborative Divorce in the State of Florida

Collaborative divorce is a new concept for many individuals.  It is a process that functions as early intervention in disputes and is pursued to avoid costly litigation of a Florida divorce case.  Due to its similarities with mediation, many people assume that it is the same thing as collaborative divorce.  While the two are similar and both are […]

An Overview of Paternity Actions in the State of Florida

A paternity action in Florida seeks a legal declaration as to the identity of the father.  It is often necessary when the parents of the child or children never got married.  In such as case, once the court determines who the father is, the court will then address timesharing and child support issues.  In the past, blood tests […]

The Calculation of Child Support in a Florida Divorce

The State of Florida determined that the best way to ascertain how much child support an individual should pay is to have a table within the child support statute that provides the guidelines for calculating the proper amount. Before these guidelines, there was no consistency, rhyme, or reason for the amount of child support that […]

The Evolution of Florida Statutory Authority Regarding Divorce and the Children of the Marriage

Over the past few years, Florida’s laws regarding child custody following a divorce has evolved dramatically.  Under Florida Statutes Section 61.13(2)(c)(1), it is the public policy in Florida for minors to have “frequent and continuing contact with both parents after the parents separate or the marriage of the parties is dissolved.”  The law further states that the presumption for […]

The Tools Necessary to Succeed When Determining Child Custody in Florida

Undoubtedly, nothing is more important that your children.  Oftentimes, when dealing with a paternity or divorce case, the most challenging issues involve the parenting arrangement, where people can spend nearly a fortune to battle the other parent regarding what is best for their children. There are a number of different strategies and factors to consider during […]

The Basics on Calculating Child Support in Florida

In calculating child support, the first step is to determine the income of the mother and father to the divorce, which is determined by figuring out each party’s respective monthly gross income and subtracting out certain allowable deductions.  The needs of the children are derived by taking into account the combined net amount and the amount […]

Calculating Child Support in Florida Military Divorce Cases

It can be challenging in terms of calculating the income of a military parent, which causes inimitable child support issues to occur in Florida military divorce matters.  Income for Florida child support cases is much broader when compared to what the IRS deems as income. Factors Included in the Calculation of Military Child Support  BAH and […]

Enforcing a Child Support Order in the State of Florida

An order for child support can be achieved through an agreement at the end of a divorce case or by agreement of the parties.  This order provides the obligations and rights of both parties.  If there are minor children involved, the order must include provisions for child support.  If the party ordered to pay child support does not […]

Why Florida High Net Worth Divorces Tend to be Complicated

While all couples going through a divorce will undoubtedly find the process stressful, high net worth individuals run into several issues that the average person usually does not need to consider.  Division of Large Assets in Florida Divorces One of the things that complicates high net worth divorces more than others is the presence of […]