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Criminal Justice and the Death Penalty- Should Convicted Murderer Jodi Arias Die?

Death Penalty……….Life in Prison……..Death penalty……..Life in Prison……..

These are probably 5 words the exhausted jurors of the high-profile Jodi Arias case never want to hear again. The unfortunate 12 were told to return to the deliberation room and, hopefully this time, reach a unanimous decision on the inevitable fate of Jodi Arias.

It seemed like an easy conclusion from the start- put her on death row. Arias, at first, seemingly made life easier for everyone involved in the case when she asked for the death penalty, probably saying to herself “A pretty girl like me won’t stand a lifetime in a place like that.” She later changed her mind, realizing that her death would be a greater pain to her family…..or she realized that she could possibly get out after 25 years.

This rapid change of mind from Arias could have possible saved her life and perhaps gave her early freedom from prison. Yes, this violator of a horrible crime could possibly be out walking the streets of our communities in a mere 25 short years if the jury does not come to a decision of death. The judge may be fruitlessly willing to take the death penalty completely off the table all together and replace it with Life imprisonment with the possibility of release after 25 years or even life without parole, since the jury could not come to a unanimous choice. In many states, the death penalty would be off the table if the jury couldn’t agree; however, this statute that seems so evidently convenient does not apply in Arizona.

Maybe we are asking too much of the jury. To put a woman, let alone an attractive woman, to death seems unthinkable in today’s world. But this long, drawn-out indecisiveness is putting many people, including the victim’s family through a lot of struggle. Feasibly the key step is for the prosecution to ask Alexander’s family what they wish to do and how they wish to proceed.

To speed up the results, conjectures are being thrown that prosecutors might consider offering Arias a plea bargain rather than continuing this timely process. This plea bargain would probably be met with little enthusiasm from the prosecution- probably because they would like to see her sentenced to the death penalty.

Perhaps a simpler solution to this hung jury would be to get an entirely new jury to decide the sentencing. Maybe fate will select 12 individuals that have 100% confidence in every decision they make and can decide to end a person’s life (by either death or life imprisonment without parole) with a sheer mark of a pencil without feeling any doubt.

Until that day comes, the current jurors will be only able to comprehend 5 words,

Death Penalty……….Life in Prison……..Death penalty……..Life in Prison……..

If you were on the jury, how would you choose the fate of Jodi Arias?