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Father’s Rights –If Kanye West and Kim Kardashian Break up Who Gets the Babies?

We Americans have been spending our pastimes religiously watching The Voice judging aspiring singers, losing money on bets in the NBA playoffs, and stalking probably the most popular couple in America on twitter ever since rumors were confirmed of their relationship. Our national obsession with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West has unified this country in many ways by displaying for us a taste of the dream world that they seem to live in. Yet again the patriotic couple has heightened our fixation with the welcoming news of their new baby girl. While they definitely are not the epitome “Brady Bunch” styled all-American family, they have had America on a hook since early March and show no signs of letting us go.

Yes, I know what you are all thinking, “Kanye is going to leave that girl as soon as the baby is born,” but the rapper himself has said that he will not leave Kim or the baby out to dry and survive on their own. Why anyone would attack the fatherly duties of man worth $100 million and whose every move is under the ever present eye of America is beyond me, but reasons for suspicions have been raised.

Around the time of the child’s birth, Kanye is expected to be overseas on tour- which could poke holes in “not leaving Kim or the baby out to dry” card, but needless to say, Kanye does plan to be in the room for the birth of his child.

Now let’s go into this hypothetical world where Kim Kardashian and Kanye West split AFTER the birth of their child, who would the child go with?

As all good thinkers do, we should look at both parties fairly and see which one has the best attributes. If the child is under the custody of Kanye, who will look after her when daddy is doing a show? Is Kanye willing to sacrifice studio time in order to take care of a child full time? On the other hand, Kanye is the bigger money maker of the two and has some pretty good role models (Jay-Z and Beyonce) to try to impersonate.

If Kim has primary custody of the child, is she willing to swerve off the fast lane and into the school zone? Is her constant displaying of her personal life going to be a major issue in the raising of the child? On the other hand, Kim is the mother of the child, so that would probably hold weight in the courtroom. Also, she has a very large family, so there would be an abundance of babysitters at her disposal.

Hopefully the dynamic duo stays together for the child’s sake and for their own patriotic duty as Americans to keep us, and the rest of the world, entertained. If the couple were to split, who do you think would have full custody?