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Divorce” Father’s Rights – Denied Visitation or Tme Sharing

What happens if a parent violates the time-sharing schedule, or worse, denies the other parent its rights to visit the child? (From Fla. Title VI, Chapter 61.45)
The law takes a few measures to ensure a parent is not denied its visitation rights. If there is a risk that a parent may relocate the child in a manner that would disrupt the other parent’s visitation of the child, the law requires each parent to give written consent to the relocation of the child. The court may also order the parents to surrender the passport or visa of the child so that the parent cannot take the child outside of the country. Concealing the location of a child as to deny a parent its visitation right, or outright denying a parent visitation, has serious consequences. Such acts may result in fees, bonds, arrest of the parent, and civil penalties, and criminal penalties, including kidnapping. The law also allows for reimbursement of costs incurred by the non-violating parent’s effort to visit its child.