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Malpractice Defense: Dr. Conrad Murray Should His Medical License Be Reinstated

I’m sure no one believed that a person could kill the King of Pop and not be found guilty.

Dr. Conrad Murray was found guilty (to no one’s surprise) and sentenced to a short 4-year sentence in the L.A county jail. But life behind bars is not the worse fate for the physician.

Upon coming out of jail to gain his new found freedom, Murray’s medical career will be lost and forever thrown in the pot of “professionals with slandered names.”

No matter where he goes to eat, what game he decides to go watch, where he goes to work, as long as the everlasting music of Michael Jackson is being played on peoples’ iPods, phones, and radios, he will always be the man who killed Michael Jackson (I doubt he’d be adding that to his résumé).

Is the American legal system, as well as, the public voice being too hard on the physician? Should one mistake, although understatedly colossal, have a lifelong effect on Murray’s career?

The acrimony of American law can sometimes bring momentary justice to the victim’s love ones but inevitably brings pandemonium to the convicted. The anomaly of the whole situation is whether or not allowing Murray to keep his license would have really had an effect on his future clientele. With or without a license, Murray would doubtlessly not have found work, as far as being a physician goes.

Now I wonder if Murray was stripped of his hard-earned license in the medical field because he was indeed a less than marginally exceptional physician or if it was because he happened to mistakenly end the life of Michael Jackson. If I was the patient instead of Michael Jackson, would Murray have gotten his license taken? Would he have gone to jail? Would there even have been a trial?

Although Murray put up a front throughout the entire case (by saying Michael was self-prescribing medicines behind his back), should he really be entirely to blame?

The main question I pose for the whole This Is It staff is where are the other physicians that furnished Michael drugs and other controlled pharmaceuticals? Where is the list of prior physicians? All are culpable.

But when it all boils down, Conrad Murray was indeed the last one to administer the medication to Michael Jackson in dubiously professional way.

Do you feel Conrad Murray is solely at fault? Does it really constitute medical malpractice with a person who was known to self- medicate and abuse drugs? What about all the others safely served by Dr. Murray? Should one case decide your professional fate?