Child Custody and Visitation
 The Law Practice of Beryl Thompson-McClary, P.A. provides consultation and legal support for divorce and child custody cases in the Orlando area.
Child Custody
and Visitation

Florida Custody Lawyers all too often work in the best interest of their client, not necessarily the best interest of the child. When I began my Family Law practice years ago I wanted to provide an alternative to the prevailing attitude that all a child needs is his or her mother. I am a mother. I am a proud, hard-working, die-for-my-children mother, but I am also a great believer in the value and role of fathers in a child’s life. Countless studies have proven that a father’s influence—especially in the lives of their daughters, can prevent societal ills such as teen pregnancy, and promote scholastic achievement, empathy, and positive self-image in children. For this reason I have decided to further “specialize” my family law practice in such a way that I can embrace and protect the role father’s play through the Family Court system.

I believe that by virtue of being a female, I offer a unique perspective in the courtroom when it comes to a father’s parental custody rights. However, I am by no means anti-women or anti-mother’s rights. My practice also includes supporting the rights of mothers and any disenfranchised care-giver because the strength of my practice relies not on winning in the courtroom, but in promoting child welfare. That’s the kind of Florida lawyer I want to be.


It is the children who suffer when Florida custody lawyers create inflexible rotating and shared custody agreements. Children want and deserve access to both parents. When both parents want custody of the child because of a true desire to be with their child (as opposed to hurting the other parents) the child, naturally, feels loved and their self-esteem remains intact. When a child is kept from a parent that wants to spend time with them, or hoarded by a parent who is more concerned with their own schedule the child feels as though their feelings are secondary and unimportant. It is our job as Florida custody lawyers to create a solution that promotes the child’s own sense of self-worth and happiness. This is accomplished through fair “shared parenting” arrangements that provide the child with flexible access to both parents.

Alternative Dispute Resolution(ADR)

While the courtroom scenario makes for good television, I feel that it can escalate an already tense situation. Whenever possible, I urge the use of mediation and other methods of ADR to resolve issues of child custody. As a Florida lawyer and a parent myself I know that children are best served by healthy, harmonious environments. While it may not be possible for the mother and father to live harmoniously under the same roof it is always possible for them to put aside enmity in order to provide a stable and united front when it comes to custodial resolutions.

I understand that it is very difficult, at times, for men to achieve a fair and reasonable divorce and custody settlement, and for this reason I have decided to specialize (but not be exclusive to) men’s rights in family court.