About Me
Beryl Thompson – McClary

A long time resident of Florida, Ms. McClary obtained her BA degrees in Political Science and Speech and her Juris Doctorate degree from the University of Florida. Her practice has spanned areas of health care, administrative law, criminal law, and family law. She has conducted over 350 jury trials. Additionally, she has extensive experience in administrative hearings with participation in over 120 cases as an attorney as well as a special assignment hearing officer.


Beryl Thompson McClary has been an active member of the Florida Bar since 1985. She is admitted to the Federal Bar in the Middle District of Florida and is a member of the following professional groups:

  • Federal Court (Admitted into Middle District of Florida Eleventh Circuit court of Appeals)
  • Member of Florida Bar (Practiced in the 5th District Court of Appeals member of Family Section)
  • Member of National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (Admitted into Middle District of Florida)

Giving back to her community and the world has always been important to Ms. McClary. She has been active in Community, League of Women Voters, and “Clean the World” non-profit organization which provides soap and other hygiene items to the needy in Haiti and other countries.

Divorce Law
Child Custody & Visitation, Child Support, Modification of Orders, Paternity Disputes, Relocation and Spousal Support
Criminal Defense
Drug Trafficking Offenses, Conspiracy, Domestic Violence, Embezzlement, Fraud, Sexual Assault and MORE!
Personal Injury
Attorney Beryl Thompson-McClary has the skill and aptitude to represent you and advocate for your rights…
As a former prosecutor, and as a current criminal defense attorney, she has been involved in more than 350 jury trials.
Instill your trust in Orlando Attorney: Beryl Thompson McClary

In order to reach her full potential, Attorney Beryl Thompson-McClary has chosen to expand the legal services she offers, and her practice continues to evolve every day. Beryl Thompson-McClary offers services to all types of clients primarily in the following practice areas:With 28 years of experience as a licensed practicing attorney in Florida, Beryl Thompson-McClary has dedicated her career to representing people in a wide array of legal issues. Based in Orlando, Florida, Beryl Thompson-McClary emphasizes that she has a close relationship with her clients and gives each of them the particular one-on-one attention they deserve. Unlike many Florida attorneys, Beryl Thompson-McClary was a state prosecutor, having experience with more than 350 jury trials, a rare statistic among attorneys nationwide. This unmatched qualification allows Beryl Thompson-McClary to apply her prosecutorial experience to any given situation when defending her clients’ rights, whether her client is a plaintiff or a defendant.

To learn more about Attorney Beryl Thompson-McClary’s wide range of practice areas, please see the individual practice area pages on this website for an in-depth review of each of the above-mentioned practice areas. You will find that most of your legal needs will be met with Beryl Thompson-McClary on your side, no matter what type of legal matter you find yourself in.

Most attorneys tend to devote their practice to one general area of the law. Attorney Beryl Thompson-McClary uniquely devotes her practice multiple practice areas, including representation of clients on both sides of the aisle, as a defense attorney, and as a plaintiff’s attorney. Further, criminal defense attorneys tend not to delve into personal injury, auto accidents, divorce law or malpractice defense, and personal injury attorneys tend not to delve into criminal law. For an attorney to be able to handle a workload and maintain the required attorney-client contact to successfully advocate for a client’s rights is rare. Beryl Thompson-McClary is one of a kind.

To represent both plaintiffs and defendants allows Attorney Beryl Thompson-McClary to understand the theory and strategy of both parties. Anticipating the opposing side’s strategy is key to a successful case. Further, as a former prosecutor with years of trial experience, Beryl Thompson-McClary understands what the best path is to take for her individual criminal defense cases. For example, because Beryl Tompson-McClary was a former prosecutor, she has a relationship with the legal community that may allow her to negotiate for the best resolution for her clients so that her clients may be able to avoid jail time in particular circumstances. Having a well-rounded attorney on your side, no matter what type of case is at issue, offers the best legal representation available.

You can spend your time shopping around for a criminal defense attorney to handle your criminal matter, and then searching again for another attorney if you have a family law issue arise. Why not have just one attorney to go to for all of your legal needs? While Attorney Beryl Thompson-McClary offers services primarily in those categories listed above, she certainly has the legal knowledge and expertise to answer any of your legal questions. If you have both a criminal matter and a family law matter, you only need one attorney to handle both issues. This creates peace of mind in that you know you have one attorney who you can trust. The hassle of having multiple attorneys for multiple legal matters can be stressful, time-consuming and outright confusing. There may come a time when your multiple attorneys need to communicate and work together. If you have just one attorney, you can bypass all of that unnecessary aggravation of having to meet with multiple attorneys.

Let’s face it. Legal matters are not fun. They put a strain on your time and the consequences of any legal action are critical, whether you are seeking to avoid jail time, or hoping to get the compensation you deserve from a personal injury action. Attorney Beryl Thompson-McClary will make the process go as smooth as possible and will do the important work for you. As a client, you may be required to appear in court, sign documents, and answer specific questions, however, Beryl Thompson-McClary works closely with her clients to ensure the work she is putting in is in the clients’ best interests, and what the clients truly want. No key decisions will be made without the client’s approval, but Beryl Thompson-McClary instills a level of trust that allows the clients to live as normal a life as possible during the legal process.